Virtual Choir for Choral Geeks

Image By Eric Whitacre

If you have high school-aged kids, I hope they have had a chance to sing a choral piece by Eric Whitacre, today’s rock star composer for classical music. But not every school has the number of students, the right teacher, or even a music program at all. This is where the internet and Whitacre’s modern view come in: a virtual choir.

Back in 2010, Whitacre put together his first virtual choir with his song, “Lux Aurumque.” 185 singers participated from 12 countries.

In 2013, Virtual Choir 4 debuted with 5,905 singers from 101 countries, and with an animated video accompanying the virtual city of music, this project has become something more than just video chat/sing, it is the perfect example of how the digital revolution can be about beauty and opportunity in a physically disconnected world.

What about Virtual Choir 5? The discussion online is speculative, but nothing is set. There’s still time for you and your young singers to get in on the action!

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