“Same Geek Channel” Review Sleepy Hollow Episode 214 “Kali Yuga”

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Abbie is well aware of how awesome she is. Source: FOX.
Abbie is well aware of how awesome she is.
Source: FOX.

Last time on Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Katrina had a danger date but Abbie saved the day anyway.

And no one trusts back from the dead Irving. But at least Irving is back. Surely now we can get the show focused on our core cast, yes? We answer that question and more on Same Geek Channel. (And apologies for the delay. The East Coast snowstorm set us back a day.)


Ichabod: We seem to be spending less time together.

Abbie: Yes, and the audience has noticed too and they don’t like it.

Ichabod: Then we shall work together after we sing in front of this tavern crowd. You have an interesting voice, Lieutenant.

Abbie: I rock. And it’s time I did more of it. By the way, can we stuff Katrina in the trunk?

Ichabod: Not yet. We have to investigate why a founding father is collecting Indian artifacts.

Ichabod encountering modern customs. Check. Our lead couple together. Check. A ridiculous mystery that dates back to the Founding Fathers. Check.

Sleepy Hollow has lost its way this season but last night did put it back on firm footage.

It’s less about why the founding father is into Indian artifacts (as in the country India, you guys) than it is about why Hawley stood Jenny up.

I don't suggest doing that. Source:FOX.
I don’t suggest doing that.

And yeah, the “focus on the core cast” thing is obvious. My first thought with that bar scene was “and why isn’t Katrina hanging out?”. Answer: Because she’s not one of the inner circle.

Bonus: studly blonde guy played damsel in distress. Shirtless, no less. This use of him, I can get behind.

Careful there - chest hair catches fire really easily. Source: FOX.
Careful there – chest hair catches fire really easily.
Source: FOX.

Mordechai: Hawley still leaves me cold. In fact, knowing it was a Hawley episode made it harder for me to work the energy up to watch it. Watching a show should never be a chore. On the other hand, yes, dude in distress is always a nice change-up.

Corrina: I was against a Hawley-centric episode but this actually added some explanation for why he’s a keeper of occult objects and got rid of him at the same time.

Jaime Murray guest-stars as the woman who raised Hawley. I find her lack of English accent jarring thanks to Warehouse 13. Also Jaime Murray was born in 1976 and Matt Barr was born in 1984. So I guess Carmilla Pines was eight years old when she took in Nick Hawley. I admit, this only amuses me because they called Carmilla a female Indiana Jones. As some fans know, in The Last Crusade Sean Connery and Harrison Ford play father and son, despite being only twelve years apart.

"Mommy, I had a nightmare. It was you." Source: FOX.
“Mommy, I had a nightmare. It was you.”
Source: FOX.

Corrina: I am for any script that puts Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in the same movie. Therefore, your objection is invalid.

Also, maybe Murray’s really in this episode to investigate why Knox’s artifacts aren’t in Warehouse 13.

Mordechai: Not an objection, merely an observation. Back on to the story! Ichabod and Abbie are having communication issues, just like Ichabod and Katrina. Unlike the latter, the former work it out when locked in a safe designed by the Sons of Liberty for Henry Knox (complete with deathtraps in perfect repair). Apparently his family has been hording magical artifacts for years right in Sleepy Hollow. Interesting how this never came up before. Those would have been handy in past episodes, no?

Corrina: Everyone hordes magical artifacts in Sleepy Hollow. They just never got around to this particular horde until this episode.

Mordechai: I loved the scene with Knox’s descendant geeking out over Crane’s coat and being floored that he was just wearing it around. Ichabod’s sartorial out-of-placeness is usually glossed over. People should react this way to him all the time.

Last Knox thought: How the heck do you think “Knox” and not guess “gold”. C’mon, Ichabod.

Corrina: Because Fort Knoxs wasn’t built until 1861. Ichabod is behind the curve.

Mordechai: Fine: how the heck does Abbie not make the guess, then? On the Irving front, Captain Irving is apparently free from Henry’s influence. Hooray. And yet…why did the state drop all charges? And why does this happen:

"Foreshadowing: your sign of quality literature" -Bloom County. Source: FOX.
“Foreshadowing: your sign of quality literature” -Bloom County.
Source: FOX.

Corrina: I found Katrina’s examination of Irving confusion and suspicious. Does she know more than she’s telling? I thought they left it open. It seems clear something brought Irving back from the dead and someone had the charges dismissed, somehow. Maybe Henry’s behind the charges being dropped, even if he can’t control Irving any longer? It’s puzzling.

However, this was a good use of Katrina’s skills.

Mordechai: Oh, absolutely to Katrina’s holding back some information. Which works for me this time

Was this a perfect episode? No. But any episode that ends with the promise of less Hawley (he’s off to find and kill his evil mother figure) is a good one.

Corrina: Not to mention an appropriate use of “Proud Mary.” Keep on rollin’, show, at least until you fully regain your feet again.

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3 thoughts on ““Same Geek Channel” Review Sleepy Hollow Episode 214 “Kali Yuga”

  1. They are doing their best to get the show back on track.

    Despite the ludicrous deathtrap still being in working order (and why don’t you call out the idiocy that Ichabod questions “Star Wars”. . but doesn’t question “Robot” as the answer to how they got out (which is wrong anyways, the CORRECT answer is “droid”). . . it was still a *huge* step in the right direction.

    one needless character now gone/greatly reduced (Hawley), one character about to make a “heel” turn to evil (Katrina – who is clearly hiding something), and the main characters back where they belong (in the A storyline).

    let’s see if next week is an improvement again.

    tho I fear it’s too little, too late. .the show is hemorrhaging viewers.

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