Watching Just the Super Bowl Ads Made Easier by DISH’s Reverse AutoHop

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This is hilarious, and yet so appropriate for all of us who either don’t watch the Super Bowl itself because: Sports, or who don’t have a team in the game (poor Niners!). But how many of us have recorded and watched the big game just for the ads, skipping over the gameplay (all 12 minutes of it) just to get to the most expensive, and often the silliest, commercials of the year?

This year, DISH is enabling a reverse of their AutoHop feature that normally skips all the ads on a recording, and just gives you the meat of the show you want to watch. But the day after the Super Bowl, you’ll be able to AutoHop the game, and just watch the ads. Per the announcement:

Customers can enable the “Reverse AutoHop” feature the day after the game to skip the game and watch the commercials back-to-back. Hopper customers must have the PrimeTime Anytime™ feature enabled for NBC prior to the game. If customers want to re-watch the game, they have that option as well.

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  1. This is pretty funny, clever and unique. Super Bowl commercials may be the only ones worth watching! For the rest, check out which removes commercials from live tv as you watch. Yes, it’s live, but no, it’s not a time machine.

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