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We’ve spent the last little while trying to figure how to make GeekDad a going concern since we left our last partnership. You’ve probably noticed an uptick in sponsored content, and you can’t have missed all the new AdSense ads running on the site. They’re not optimal solutions, but they are the most common ways for blogs like ours to earn our keep.

logo_emblemBut now we’d like to try something different. Some good friends of ours, like Tom Merritt on his Tech News Daily show, are successfully using the crowdfunding site Patreon to make ends meet. Patreon is designed specifically for content creators to seek support from their fans through regular small donations, like a dollar a month.

So that’s what we’re asking from you, our readers. We need your help to keep GeekDad running and growing, so we’ve started our own Patreon page, seeking your support. If you can see your way to pledging a dollar or more a month, it will go a long, long way towards helping us out.

Even better: if we can hit certain goals, we’ll eradicate the AdSense ads currently running on the site. For every $1,500 in monthly donations people pledge, we’ll remove one of the AdSense ads. We’re really, really hoping we get enough support that we can clear all the ads off the site.

Check out our Patreon site here, and consider giving us your support!

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