Geeky Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

People have always had problems picking out gifts to give each other (or friends and relatives) for wedding anniversaries. At least, it would seem so considering the rather detailed lists that have existing for centuries all over the world to help puzzled gift-givers in their annual purchases. And while there have been attempts to create “modern” lists, they still always seem to be a little out of touch.

That is, until now.

We at GeekDad have taken it upon ourselves to build a new list of wedding anniversary gifts for each year, using the “traditional” and “modern” lists shown at Wikipedia and While we’ve tried to stay true to the spirit of the “legacy” gift suggestions, we’ve tried hard to put a truly geeky, and in some cases futuristic, spin on them.

Check out the whole table, up to the 80th anniversary, at GeekDad.

Year Traditional Modern Geek
1st Paper Clocks Digital Media Downloads
2nd Cotton China MMORG Gold/Currency
3rd Leather Crystal, Glass Geeky t-shirts
4th Linen, Silk Appliances (electrical) Comic Books

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