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Hasbro Unveils Fan Built Combiner Poll

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combiner warsYesterday Hasbro announced the theme for the 2015 Transformers Generations line, Combiner Wars, as well as a new related crowdsourced project. The official Transformers app–available for both Android and iOS–has been updated with the Fan Built Combiner Poll.

For the next three weeks, fan can login to the app and answer questions to help shape the style and personality of a brand new gestalt team. These three weekly rounds of questions will also be supplemented by a bonus question posed on the Toys ‘R’ Us Twitter channel on February 18 relating to the Combiner’s special power. A full reveal of these new Transformers is expected later this year, with their ultimate toy form available in 2016.

For those of you keeping score at home, I’m really hoping for an off the wall throwback (a la God Neptune), but with the Transformers fandom being what it is there’s really no telling!

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2 thoughts on “Hasbro Unveils Fan Built Combiner Poll

  1. With the Shout Factory release of Headmasters/Masterforce/Victory I kinda expected us to get some more of those old Japanese reissue toys, Anthony. Thus far I’ve been disappointed. 🙁

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