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One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year (again) is to be more efficient. I am, as many other geek parents are, not the best at time management. It can be tough juggling kids, work, TV, gaming and life, all at the same time. Last year, I worked on streamlining through home automation, and that has been wonderful. All the times I have forgotten to lock the door or close the garage are all taken care of automatically. Now for another time suck – shopping.

For Christmas, I managed to purchase many of my gifts through Amazon. They always seem like the go to. Need 50 feet of network cable, a box of LEGO and some sneakers? Pull up Amazon. However, I have never tried their grocery item ordering. I was considering trying it out, when a friend of mine recommended that I try out Boxed first.

My Box delivered!
My Box delivered!

Boxed, or, is a mobile optimized web service that offers the wholesale club shopping experience by delivering bulk-sized goods straight to your doorstep in just a couple of days. Think Sam’s Club or Costco, but online only and – most importantly – no membership fees. They offer an array of items from household staples to health and beauty supplies, as well as groceries and children’s items.

I placed my first order after looking on their site and seeing many of the items we normally get at Sam’s Club. The prices were at least the same or better on every single item. My wife is the one who does our shopping and knows these prices well. She and I were both pleasantly surprised at Boxed’s offering. No, there are no generic brands and yes, I am sure someone could probably find a few items where they may be less expensive – but not by much.

What is in my Box?
What is in my Box?

Boxed offers complimentary shipping on all first orders, as well as orders starting at $75, which is amazing, because the box I received must have weighed about 50 pounds. I cannot even image how much the actual shipping would have cost. Even if it had not been my first order, it is easy to get above $75 to get the free shipping. Remember, most of these are bulk items – so you are buying 4 boxes of cereal instead of 1. That cost tallies up quick. My first order was about $125 and that was only about 7 bulk items.

Boxed is a convenient, hassle-free way to enjoy the warehouse club experience from a computer, smartphone or tablet and I highly recommend it. Check them out at

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