Amazon Puts Prime on Sale for One Day Only

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Amazon Prime is one of those great services that is still sometimes hard to justify. For just $99 a year, you get:

  • Prime Music, an unlimited music streaming platform.
  • Access to the Kindle Lending Library (one book per month).
  • The recent Prime Photos, which lets you store all your photos in your Amazon Cloud account, with no maximum capacity.
  • Streaming of select movies and TV shows, including geek favorites like Doctor Who.
  • Two day shipping on all Amazon purchases (but not from all Amazon sellers! Important distinction).

All this for roughly $8 a month. These services work great with Kindle tablets, the Fire phone, and/or the FireTV. They also work great with Amazon’s related Android and iOS apps. Regardless, that’s still a daunting up front price. Unless you sign up tomorrow.

On Saturday, January 24th (all day), and in honor of their success at the 72nd annual Golden Globe awards, Amazon is lowering the price to $72 a year for new subscribers. As an added bonus, the Golden Globe-winning Transparent is going to be free to stream on Saturday, even to non-members of Prime. Transparent took home the Best Actor in a Musical and Comedy Series award for star Jeffrey Tambor as well as Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Series. One can certainly understand why Amazon wants to celebrate that.

The lower price takes Amazon Prime’s costs down to around $6 a month. If you normally order even one package a month you might be coming out ahead. Personally, I think it’s a great deal for cord-cutters. There’s tons of geek content on Instant Video, and it’s a perfect way to share your favorites with your family. So, this may be the best time ever to sign up:

Amazon Prime (One Year Membership)

I plan on using Amazon Prime to order Optimus Prime. Source: Hasbro, via Amazon.
I plan on using Amazon Prime to order Optimus Prime.
Source: Hasbro, via Amazon.
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