Batman’s Medical History


The Dark Egg has fallen.The Dark Egg has fallen.

"The Dark Egg has fallen." by Flickr user Big C Harvey, used under Creative Commons License.

What would Bruce Wayne’s medical file look like? I mean, sure, Alfred actually does quite a bit, but I’m sure there are things that are beyond his abilities. And given Batman’s occupation, it’s inevitable that he’s going to end up in the hospital from time to time (albeit he certainly has the money to hush up anybody he needs to).

“Russell Saunders” is a pediatrician who decided to take up the challenge, and wrote this brilliant piece for The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. It’s a record of Bruce Wayne’s visits to GCGH (Gotham City General Hospital), with actual medical terminology and a pretty good estimation of what a doctor would imagine when confronted with all of these serious injuries paired with Wayne’s flimsy excuses for them. (He tells the doctor he takes part in a mixed martial arts club, and refuses to wear protective headgear despite frequent encouragement to do so.)

I sent this along to my wife, who is a family doctor (though not a Batman expert), and she said from a medical point of view it’s “very, very well-done.”

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