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The Joy of Specs Part 2 – Doctor! Doctor!

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I spent a few days trying to settle on my final choice of Flexon frames, eventually deciding on the Pivotal Force E1052 model. I’ve never owned a pair of half-rim glasses before, so these were definitely something new. Plus, the Brushed Black Chrome variant, which boasts a high gloss frame front that transitions to satin temples tipped with navy earpieces, seemed to walk a fine line between classic elegance and modern quirk that really appealed to me. And with that taken care of, it was time for a proper eye exam.

jerveyI’d recently relocated back to the hometown of my youth, which meant I had to find a local ophthalmologist. Lucky for me, VSP Vision Care provides a search function right on their site that helped me locate nearby practices that offer their UNITY lenses. Interestingly enough, I was referred to Jervey Eye Group – the same place I got my very first pair of glasses way back in my teens.

In addition to being conveniently close to home, Jervey was also very accommodating of my admittedly ridiculous personal schedule. I was able to get an appointment the very next morning. After a short wait, Pamela called me back and took care of the preliminaries before Dr. Cook checked me out and gave my peepers the ok; turns out my vision hasn’t gotten much worse since last year, and that’s a trend I hope continues.

eye chartOnce it was all done, I was referred to Terri to discuss my glasses options. I already knew what I wanted with regards to the frames, but she was very knowledgeable about the Flexon brand and very complimentary regarding their style and durability. She also further explained the benefits of the UNITY lenses.

My UNITY single vision lenses would be specially tailored, not merely to my prescription, but also to my Flexon frames – as well as to how those frames fit my face. After helping me identify my central focal points, Terri used an iPad app to photograph my face before taking specific measurements of my frames. She explained that this process allows UNITY lenses to offer an expanded field of vision, and even to fit properly in wrap-around-style frames.

After that she presented me with an additional number of options to further match the lenses to my lifestyle. In addition to UNITY’s own Performance Coatings – that offer everything from scratch, smudge and UV protection to reduced light glare to aid in night driving – these include Blue Light Protection (to help prevent AMD) and special Computer Vision Lenses (for folks like me who spend their entire day in front of laptop screens).

glasses galoreIn short, the UNITY lenses would be tailored to my digital life. Combined with the Flexon frames, which are themselves constructed of a proprietary alloy originally developed by Naval scientists for use in missile heat shielding, I’d soon be the owner of a pair of glasses that are as technologically advanced as they are fashion-forward.

In the end, I left Jervey with a wealth of helpful information, a profound sense of anticipation as I waited for my new Flexon Pivotal Force E1052 glasses to be created just for me… and also comically diluted pupils.

Pivotal Force E1052

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