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Sugru 24 Days of Ideas

It’s called the Advent Calendar of Ideas, and it’s just the sort of geeky idea I’ve come to expect from the folks at Sugru. For the next 24 days or so, Sugru will be offering up a daily tip or trick or just plain cool hack that can be done using Sugru.

Sugru has started the ball rolling with a simply idea for getting your shoes and slippers warmed up (well, for those living in cooler climates right now – it was shorts weather yesterday in Atlanta), and you can check it out by clicking RIGHT HERE. Be sure to bookmark it (or set it as your web browser’s homepage for December) — knowing the creative team at Sugru, I’m certain they’ve got some really useful ideas lined up.

Sugru Toasty Feet

If you’re not familiar with Sugru, just trust me — it’s probably one of the Top 10 most useful products in the world. I’m not kidding. Mold it like clay in your hands, stick it to pretty much any surface(s) you like, and it cures in less than 24 hours to a rubbery feel that bonds as well as holds the final shape you created. I always have a few packets on hand (and while I was always having to re-order, it’s nice to know that many retailers are now starting to carry it, including Lowes hardware stores.) You can find out where Sugru is sold locally by using Sugru’s Retail Search Tool.

And here’s another gif showing a solution to a problem you might encounter here and there…

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