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I have been hearing a lot about the new Soundhawk headset lately, and I thought that it sounded interesting. That sentence was written with no puns intended… Anyway, the Soundhawk is a super headset for your mobile device that has a few new features that most traditional headsets don’t have. We will come back to that, but first let’s get the regular details out of the way. As a regular Bluetooth headset to talk on the phone, it performs great. Clarity is great, sound is great, and it works – nothing really special there.

features_4Where the Soundhawk really shines is in its ability to act as an assistive listening device. It is not at the same level as a “hearing aid,” which is why it earns the ALD nomenclature. The listening funnel on the front of the headset has a direction microphone built in to it. This amplifies sound from the direction the wearers head is facing. To aid in the sound quality, the Soundhawk has a dedicated app on the wearer’s mobile device which, when paired, tunes the ear piece. It also allows for several presets for popular occasions such as television viewing and outdoors.

My favorite feature is that is comes standard with a secondary wireless microphone that is linked to the headset. The wearer can place the secondary microphone next to a sound source and listen with the headset from a distance. I place mine near the television speaker and now I can hear the TV from anywhere in the house – crystal clear. It also makes me feel like a spy, when I leave it in a room and can listen to what is going on in there from a distance.

Both units come with a custom carrying case that doubles as the charger for both the microphone and the earpiece by just plugging it into a standard USB port.


I strongly recommend the Soundhawk to anyone that is looking for that high quality headset that may also need that extra assistance with hearing. You can find more out more about this headset at

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