Track Santa on the Way Back From Grandmother’s House With Chevy and OnStar

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You don’t have to wear a Santa hat, but it helps. (Image: Chevrolet)

If you’re tooling back from Christmas Eve dinner in your Chevy Bolt (OK, technically any Chevrolet vehicle with OnStar can participate, but I’m biased) and the natives are getting restless in regards to making it home in time to be in bed for Santa, you’ve got options. Chevy and OnStar have partnered with NORAD to provide Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve with the touch of a button.

Starting at 6:00 AM EST on Christmas Eve, until 6:00 AM Christmas Day, OnStar subscribers can press the blue button to be informed of Santa’s exact location as he makes his way across the globe. Advisors will use NORAD’s official map of Santa’s progress to make sure everyone in the car stays abreast of exactly where the jolly elf is flying.

Don’t have OnStar? If you’ve got an eligible vehicle and haven’t signed up, you can ask for “Three Years on Us” when you call. You’ll get a basic membership (which doesn’t give you the advanced features like turn-by-turn directions, but it does let you do cool things like unlock your doors from the app).

For each “Santa Update” call OnStar receives, they will donate $1 to the American Red Cross. It’s a nice way to give a little extra this holiday.

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