Retro Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List


If you are looking for a gift that reminds you of simpler times, then here are a few suggestions:

liteThe new Lite-Brite from Bridge Direct is a classic that is tough to beat. I had one of the original ones from Hasbro back in the day myself and my parents hated it. First of all, it had a normal size light bulb inside that generated so much heat, it was hard to play with for a long time. Then there were the pegsā€¦

The new Lite-Brite has moved up in the world. Of course now, it is lit up with LED lights and is battery powered. This makes it great for kids to play with anywhere. It also has a storage box for the pegs, which is really nice for cleaning up. Pick one up for the holidays at Amazon.

SimonRemember the first handheld computer game, Simon? Now it is back with a sleeker, more modern look. It features all the original game play and sounds you remember along with some fun additions. It now has a digital screen with a counter to keep track of how many levels you can make it.

There is also a Simon that has a smaller size and a convenient carabiner clip which makes it perfect take along anywhere. Grab one at Amazon also!

Finally, what retro toy list would be complete without a View-Master? Sure kids today can look at anything they can imagine on a mobile device, but View-Master is the original 3D handheld viewer!

New View-Masters are produced and work just as the have since the 1960s. Except now, there are customer gift sets that feature some of kids’ favorite characters like Spider-Man and Doc McStuffins. I picked up a classic one in blue for my kids this year with the marine life pack. These make a great stocking stuffer, and you can get them at most retailers and of course, at Amazon.



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