Meze Headphones Review and Giveaway (No, Really, You’ll Want to Enter!)

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I’m a fan of Meze Headphones, indeed a very big fan ever since Antonio Meze contacted us two-and-a-half years ago asking if we’d like to test his new line of high-quality and high-design headphones. Antonio has sent me four different sets now, and each one has been a winner, but the most recent are my favorite.

The 66 Classics are an on-the-ear headphone, which means they don’t quite have the same sound-isolating quality of the over-the-ear 88s, but they have two major plusses over ANY earbuds: their drivers are large, and you can actually feel the air they push against your ears. That sensation, when the bass is pumping and there’s a noticeable ripple of pressure accompanying the sound, tells you you’re wearing the real deal. I can’t explain what all the tech specs mean, but I do know that larger drivers are better, and that these sound great.

-Frequency response: 16Hz – 24KHz
-Sensitivity:109+/-3dB at 1KHz,1mW.
-Impedance:30 Ohm
-R&L balance:<3dB(50Hz-6KHz,1mW)
-detachable cable
-Plug:3.5mm gold plated
-Wood grain and pattern varies

I’ve owned some nice Grado’s, and worn some excellent Bowers & Wilkins, two brands that I feel bracket the good to great range of headphones. A mid-range┬áset of Grados will cost around $200. And the B&Ws upwards of $400. I think these Meze 66 Classics are better than the Grados, and come pretty close to the B&Ws, and they only cost $149. Oh, and they fold up for portability, which neither of the others do.

And the best thing is that Antonio wants us to give away a set! So if you’d like a nice pair of headphones just in time for the holidays, enter in the form below, and cross your fingers. Or just go ahead and pick yourself up a set now!

Link to the form if you can’t see it here.

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