Holiday Gift Guide #8: The Well-Dressed Geek

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Well-dressed, well-groomed, and well-organized are things that are rarely associated with geeks. I admit I’m more often wearing an old (usually free) t-shirt and shorts. Whether I’m writing code, or writing articles, my comfort is my top priority, but there are times when we need to make an impression and that AOL shirt from the last COMDEX (circa 2003) won’t do. Below we bring together a few of the things we’ve reviewed over the year that help with that first impression.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

This may seem like a strange gift idea, but I can assure you that the recipient will love it. It fits squarely into the realm of things that are too expensive to justify until after you’ve actually used one. The Sonicare Diamond Clean purports to remove 7 times as much plaque as regular brushing and improve gum health. I’ll report back after my next dentist appointment on how well it does with the plaque, but I can say that my teeth are cleaner and my breath fresher than I can remember. After just a 2 minute brushing my teeth feel as clean and polished as they do after a professional cleaning.

As geeks, we tend to lack confidence in some social situations, and having fresh breath and clean white teeth can go a long way toward boosting that confidence. The Sonicare Diamond Clean is available at Amazon for under $200.

Review materials provided by: Phillips Sonicare

ASPECD Apparel

I discovered ASPECD Apparel back in the fall, and since that time this Brooklyn boutique – known for its use of exotic materials and expanded sizing – has become one of my go-to clothiers. Their Japanese ginghams and sturdy oxfords were early favorites, but I recently got to check out a new Portuguese flannel, a gorgeous design that boasts sustainably-sourced real wooden buttons, from their upcoming winter line that blew away my already sky-high expectations for style and comfort. With a solid selection of shirts, ties, pocket squares and other accessories, ASPECD has something for the fashion nerd on your shopping list.

[Review materials provided by: ASPECD Apparel] (Z.)

light up hoodie
Light Up Hoodie

The Electric Styles product line includes lots of items like hats, glasses, bras and tutus all decorated with electroluminescent wire, so I honestly expected their light up hoodie to be a fun but disposable piece of clubwear. Instead I found it to be a finely constructed and durable garment just as suitable for a night out exploring your neighborhood Christmas lights as it is for making the scene at Dragon*Con or spending the week at Burning Man. Two AA batteries power its 3-mode el wire, and both adult and kid’s sizes are available.

[Review materials provided by: Electric Styles] (Z.)

Monk Magnet Wallet Case
monk wallet
Sewell Direct has finally managed to do the impossible: it actually got the iPhone wallet case right! This synthetic leather cover offers style and protection, while three interior pockets for your ID/cards and a sizable camera hole make it a convenient everyday case option. The best part, though, is the slim magnetic clip-on that actually attaches to your phone. This removable inner case means you can take a call unencumbered, and then easily re-secure your iPhone in the wallet once you’re done. It’s a feature that truly allows the Monk to offer the best of both worlds to GeekDads on the go.

[Review materials provided by: Sewell Direct] (Z.)

Stackable Cups
I work from home, so for me “well-dressed geek” means one thing — a clean, organized desk. I’m also a total and complete Evernote geek as well. On top of my desk, side-by-side with my monitor, scanner, and 3D printer you’ll now find a few of the new Pfeiffer Evernote-branded items that help me maintain my Efficiency Ninja status and keep my desk uncluttered. My monitor sits on an curved monitor platform (bent plywood), and my iPad, which I use as a second monitor with iDisplay, is secure on the matching tablet dish. My wife also pinched the Evernote stacking cups for her own desk — I’m fine with that as I don’t keep paperclips, sticky notes, etc on my desktop. Evernote continues its fight to help folks reduce clutter and keep their digital lives organized, and now they’re offering up some great (physical) desktop tools to help. The fact that they are both simple in design and awesome in appearance is just icing on the cake.

Merrel All Out Fuse
Merrell All Out Fuse Trail Runners

All Out Fuse are the shoes I wore most frequently this year, putting many miles on them during summer vacation where I walked everywhere to work off my fondness for the Portuguese Bakery… Technically, these high tech shoes are trail runners. I’m not a runner, but they were great for walking trails — and pavement and sand. They are extremely flexible and light weight, fit like a glove, have grippy soles and a protective toe cap. They dry quickly too. I hardly know they’re on and they don’t have that wacky “five-toe” look. Available in cool colors including the Blue/Lime combo I’m rocking.

Buy them from Amazon. (BM)

Backpack of Holding
The Backpack of Holding

If you have a need to carry around a large quantity of board games, gear, clothes, books, diapers, toys, and/or anything else, you can look stylish while you do it with ThinkGeek’s new Backpack of Holding. The roomy external pockets allow quick access to items you need frequently, and the exceptionally roomy interior will carry everything else. A great counterpoint to the regular Bag of Holding’s point, this bag is durable and functional. And awesome.

Buy it at ThinkGeek
. (JW)

Image credit: ThinkGeek

Isotoner Slippers and Capacitive Gloves

Isotoner has made quality goods for decades. This year, they’re offering a full line of capacitive Smartouch gloves that will keep you warm while you operate your smart devices. No need to get frostbite! There are styles from fancy to sporty to classic; there is indeed something for everyone. Isotoner is also offering adorable, affordable, warm slippers featuring appliques of things like owls, penguins, and more.

Buy them at Amazon. (JW)

Image credit: Isotoner

Womens: I Am Deadpool Fit n Flair Tulle Dress
For the lady geeks who wish to show off their love of the merc-with-a-mouth, it’s the skirt with a merc! The I Am Deadpool Fit ‘n Flare Dress is available for $34 at

Mr. Wilson Deadpool Cardigan

What every well-dressed geek-guy needs for those school mixers, or just sitting by the fire with your pipe and katana: it’s the Deadpool cardigan. $52 at

For anyone who regularly attends conventions, Nerdist has come up with the Ultimate Convention Hoodie. This unique piece of clothing is custom designed for convention attendees to avoid the annoyances of backpacks and the dilemma of where to store their swag. This thing is built for con convenience, with multiple front and sleeve pockets, as well as a hidden trick pocket, a pocket designed to carry a water bottle and three pockets on the back sized to hold poster tubes and comics. As convenient as this hoodie is, it also has a ton of style, adorned with the triangular Nerdist logo on the left breast and zipper pull. Visit the Nerdist website to pick one up for $65.00 (TN)

Mondo pairs the ugly Christmas sweater tradition with one of the strangest, Christmas cult classics of all time for their spirited Gremlins knit sweater. Mondo, known for their original, cult movie inspired artwork, also excel at designing fun, geek-inspired threads. Last year they released a fantastic Shining inspired sweater and this year, the Gremlins sweater delivers Gizmo, popcorn gremlin, and others hanging from strands of Christmas lights and surrounded by Christmas trees and snowflakes. The sweater is 100% acrylic heavy knit. To be the envy of this years ugly Christmas sweater party, you can pick up a Gremlins knit sweater for$85.00 on the Mondo website. (TN)

I don’t have an iPad Mini, but my wife does… and she L-O-V-E-S that tablet, taking it everywhere she goes. The problem is she had a L-A-M-E case for it. Boring. And I said “had” because she’s now toting it around in her new Women’s Knomo London 8″ Mini Portable Organizer. This thing is amazing – a unique code can be registered so if lost it can be returned (paid for by Knomo!), a dedicated soft pouch for the Mini tablet, and additional pouches for phone, credit cards, and passport. There’s a loop for a pen, loops for cables, USB stick, and earphones, and a couple SD card pouches. Even packed, the thing manages to stay slim when the two antique brass snaps are secured (and they’re strong). I gave her the Sand canvas version (four different colors), but it also comes in various leather colors as well. The thing is super-sharp-looking and feels solid — and should easily outlast the tablet! (JK)

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