The Incredible Steampunk/Pirate Land Diorama

Photos From London’s Brick 2014 Lego Show

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The Incredible Steampunk/Pirate Land Diorama
The Incredible Steampunk/Pirate Land Diorama

Over the weekend, the munchkin and I were lucky enough to attend Brick 2014 at London’s Excel Centre. It was the biggest Lego show the UK has seen, running for four days and attracting thousands of Lego fans of all ages. There was so much stuff to see that it would take me ages to write it all up, so I’m going to let the photos do the talking for me. Suffice to say that if you love Lego and ever get the chance to go to a similar convention, I heartily recommend it! Highlights for us included:

    • Joining in with the World Record attempt for the largest Lego video game diorama – they opened up loads of the new Minecraft sets and let everyone go crazy building houses, towers, giant creepers, mines and cart tracks. The results were very impressive and certainly got everyone hooked on it – the on-site Toys R Us had almost totally sold out by the end of the day.
    • The videogame area was full of PS4s and Xboxes running the new LEGO Batman 3 game, as well as the older Marvel and Harry Potter ones. Beyond Gotham looks like a great successor to the Lego Movie game, which we had some much fun playing together recently.
    • The incredible ball contraption machine made by Macio Arts. There were so many individual modules, each very cleverly built, that it must have taken each ball a good few minutes to complete a full lap.[UPDATE: They broke the world record and the video in 15 minutes long!]
    • The trader stalls selling vintage and collector kits for silly money and custom minifig companies like with their Despicable Me Mini’Uns.
    • All of the amazing fan built dioramas and models. I’m sorry to all of the wonderful builders for not getting their names and info, so if you see a photo of your model let us know in the comments, and thank you! We loved the crazy steampunk/pirate world and the microscope spaceport with its automated loading/unloading monorail system. Our favourite game was spotting all the little easter eggs the builder put in their scenes – Emmet made countless appearances, as did The Doctor and his TARDIS, but we also spotted Shaun of the Dead, all the Iron Man suits from the finale of Iron Man 3, a cafe (in Dublin) that seemed to be full of every superhero the world has ever seen, and Docking Bay 94 – the Special Edition version!
Rocket and Baby Groot - best freebie ever!
Rocket and Baby Groot – best freebie ever!
  • My absolute favorite though has to be this freebie polybag that we got from the shop at the end – Rocket Rocoon, complete with big gun and Baby Groot! It also came with a set of stickers that were very confusing at first, until I realised that are battle damage enhancement for the awesome Milano set!

Anyhoo, on with the photo show, and we can’t wait for the next one!

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