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Port Your Life With Keyport (Black Friday Deals Extended!)

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Earlier this year, while looking for a way to trim down the massive collection of keys I carry around on a daily basis, I discovered Keyport. The Keyport system starts by replacing your existing keys with slimmer blanks (called blades) that come without the bulbous upper bow. This makes them more-or-less straight, flat pieces of metal.

Have these cut to fit your needs at any reputable locksmith, and then simply insert them into the “port” in Keyport, the Slide. This plastic housing is about the size of a pack of Fruit Stripe gum and consists of six empty chambers.

By removing the back cover of the Slide, you can easily insert your new keys (not to mention things like specially designed pens, bottle openers, LED flashlights and USB flash drives) into any available groove. One of six colored nodes attaches to a small hole on the top-rear section of each key/gadget, and these serve as an easy way to both identify which key lives where and to engage and disengage the mechanism that keeps it safely stored when not in use or locked securely in place otherwise.

Ok, you’ve got a ton of questions, and that’s understandable.

Yes, chipped automobile keys can be ported, although it’s a bit more complicated than just having the key copied to a slim blank. Instead you send your existing key to the Keyport team, who convert it, security chip and all, into a Slide-compatible form.

Yes, high-security/office/pretty much every other kind of keys can be ported as well, though some specialized key types may also require you mail the originals to Keyport.

No, they can’t port your keyless entry remote, but the Slide’s attached 360-degree swivel ring means it won’t get all bunched up and weird in your pants’ pocket.

Yes, the Slide – technically the current model is the Slide 2.0 – is plenty durable. I’ve dropped mine multiple times on concrete and asphalt, and it’s still none the worse for wear.

No, your key blades won’t snap off when fussing with a sticky lock. The Slide/blades are able to withstand something like ten times the amount of force needed to turn a lock.

No, I won’t be going back to a traditional key ring anytime soon. I love the convenience of my Keyport, and the fact that I can customize it to my liking really hits me where I live. (No pun intended.)

Yes, it’s worth the money. As a matter of fact, while I have no problem recommending the Keyport system at regular price, this weekend’s extended Black Friday sale makes it an even sweeter deal.

The starter bundle – it comes with a Slide 2.0 (in black, white, ice or red), a 4GB flash drive, a mini light, one standard SC1 blade and an s-biner – normally retails for $70, but right now you can pick it up directly from Keyport for $49!

If you’d prefer to shop a la cart, you can also use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY2014 to get $10 off their most popular Slide 2.0 models as well as 8GB and 32GB flash drives. Oh, and shipping is free for orders over $25.

So put down that leftover turkey leg, point your browser to, and get ported!

Review and promotional materials provided by: Keyport

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