Play 900 Classic Arcade Games on the Internet Archive


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Get your quarters ready and prepare to mash some buttons. The Internet Arcade at the Internet Archive has made more than 900 classic arcade games available to play right now, for free on your desktop.

As a geek growing up in the 1980s, there were three places that made me the happiest; the movies, the video store and the arcade. Consoles have long since eradicated the video arcade as we knew it, but, thanks to the Internet Archive, more than 900 classic video games from the 1970s through the 1990s are now available to play for free online.

The impressive collection of titles includes something for gamers of every taste, from Atari Basketball to Zwackery and classics like Pac-Man and Frogger in between. The games that brought back the most memories for me were Cloak & Dagger, JoustKarate Champ, Return of the Jedi, Out Run and Paperboy. They even have Alpine Ski, though its not nearly as fun without the ski-controls to strap your feet into.

In fact, while some of these games are sure to bring back fond memories, they all feel a bit hollow without their cabinet housings and that noisy geek church, the video arcade.

Play all 900 games now on the Internet Arcade at the Internet Archive.

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