Part Knife, Part Tank, All Terror!

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Do you like scary movies?

Wait, no, that’s not right…

Point-and-click games. Yeah! Do you like scary point-and-click games?

If so, then my (everybody’s?) internet homeboy Doctor Popular has just what you need for your Halloween entertainment. Doc and some friends — including the incomparable Crashfaster — have just released Knifetank: The Hauntening, a sequel of sorts to their original Knifetank game. Except this time, rather than making your way through a freaky, hand-drawn Combat-style arena, you’re making your way through a sinister mansion discovering knives and tank treads and blood stains and… Y’know what? Never mind. I’m sure everything’ll be fine.

You can experience all the puzzles, eerie chiptunes and lingering feelings of impending doom right now on both iOS devices and right here in your web browser for the very low price of free. If you dig it, be sure to pick up the soundtrack album, available for $1 or more via Bandcamp.

It’s just another way that Doc Pop and GeekDad are providing you will all treats and no tricks this Halloween.

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