DREDDwatch Bonus – #DayOfDredd

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Make A Dredd Sequel's #DayOfDredd
Make A Dredd Sequel’s #DayOfDredd

Some late breaking news for Dredd fans everywhere, I got word of this after I’d already posted my last Dreddwatch, but I couldn’t let it go by without doing my bit to help the cause. What follows is the message from the fan-run Make a Dredd Sequel campaign.

This is it, citizens! The moment we’ve waited all year for – this is…


Already so many people across the globe have been showing their support for a sequel to the awesome DREDD – and we’re about to pass 130,000 signatures on the official petition!

We’re also incredibly excited that Judge Cassandra Anderson herself, Olivia Thirlby, has sent [a message to] all the fans who’ve signed the official petition, thanking them for their support and showing that we ARE making a difference!

The stars of the movie are behind the campaign, the home of Judge Dredd – 2000 AD – is behind the campaign, and the fans are behind it! Other fan campaigns pack up and go home when the chips are down but this #DayofDredd has been bigger than ever – and it’s not even over yet!

We’ve included a load of links … that will help you buy, stream, or download DREDD, as well as links to comics based on the movie, the official illustrated screenplay, and a DREDD T-shirt.

The most important thing to do, though, is spread the word – use the #DayofDredd hashtag and Tweet about it, share images from our Facebook page, post about it on Google+ and Tumblr and Pinterest and Ello! Get your friends and family to sign the petition and talk about it too!

The only way we’ll get a sequel is that the powers-that-be see how much we love this movie. And that we want more!

We’ve come so far these last two years and it’s been all down to the fans. It’s been all down to YOU, so thank you all … but let’s keep going!

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