VTech VM333 monitor

VTech VM333 Video Monitor: The Monitor Unit

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VTech VM333 monitor

(This is part of a series of sponsored posts about VTech’s VM333 Safe&Sound Pan & Tilt Video Monitor.)

Today I’ll take a closer look at the monitor unit itself.

The unit has a little flip out stand on the back so you can position it at a couple of angles, and an antenna that folds flush into the top of the monitor. I’ve found it works pretty well without raising the antenna, but that may depend on your setup.

The unit comes with a rechargeable battery pack, and you just plug in the power adapter to charge it up. The life of the battery depends on how often you have it on, plus whether you’ve got the volume or vibration turned up.

As you can see in the little video below, the monitor has automatic infrared night vision, and switches to full color if there’s enough light. You can also pan and tilt the camera using the control pad, or use the 2x zoom to get a closer look. To use the talk-back feature, you just hold down the Talk button and speak.

The monitor has 5 volume levels, plus silent, and you can turn Vibrate on or off—this will automatically vibrate the unit if the sound reaches a certain threshold. You can also check the temperature and set high and low temperature thresholds for an alert. Finally, the View button is used if you have multiple cameras set up, because you can monitor up to 4 cameras with a single unit, but I’ve just got the one camera. (You can view a single camera, cycle through cameras every 7 seconds, or use a split view.)

Here’s a video I shot with the help of my older daughters to show how some of the monitor unit features work:

Review unit provided by VTech.

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