Teacher Asks Rapper to Give Teenagers Advice, He Delivers Fastest Response … Ever

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“Dear Mr. Mac Lethal,”

That’s how the letter began to the Kansas City rapper (and dad), Mac Lethal, he of the untwistable and talented tongue. “My name is Mrs. Francine, I’m a 53-year-old high-school music teacher and I love your YouTube videos.” Mac Lethal has been rhyming over beats for more than a decade now, but his notoriety has been rapidly increasing the last few years as he has began pushing his music out over YouTube.

He gained extra attention when his Alphabet Insanity song (some adult language, but it comes so quickly, you might not catch it) hit his channel, showcasing his almost unbelievable style of rapid-fire rapping. The Internet took notice and it wasn’t long before he was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Mrs. Francine’s letter continued: “The problem is, I can’t play them for my students because they contain too many bad words. Would you consider making a fast rap video for my students, to inspire them to be great? With no bad words? … P.S. Do you like Mozart?”

The rapper read the letter and decided to respond. His effort addressed all of Mrs. Francine’s requests and deals out mostly really decent advice, while spitting out syllables faster than John Moschitta. Too often, rap music is disagreeable or obscene; even though it’s an art form that kids can really identify with. It’s nice to have something for the Mrs. Francines of the world. Good job, Mr. Mac Lethal.


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