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Wobble Stool Encourages Active Sitting

Daddy Yoga
Daddy Yoga. Sometimes I find it more comfortable to stand on one foot. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

A little over a year ago I switched to a standing desk, after learning that spending most of my day sitting down was essentially killing me. (Well, I learned it, and then it took another couple years before I got around to doing something about it.) I found a used Ergotron desk that has an easy height-adjustment mechanism, got a nice cushy mat, and have been mostly standing ever since.

I’ve found that I rarely lower the desk for sitting—partly because of my desk’s location, which makes a permanent desk chair inconvenient. But sometimes my knees get tired, and I’d considered a stool of some sort for those times when I want to take a break. I got the opportunity to try out the Wobble Stool by Uncaged Ergonomics, and I think it makes for an interesting solution.

Wobble Stool tilted
The Wobble Stool’s base is heavy enough that it can balance at an angle when the stool is at a lower height. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The Wobble Stool has a heavy rounded base with rubber treads which keep it from slipping and also protect your floor. The stool stands itself upright when you’re not sitting on it, though my kids have proven that you can tip it over if you push it far enough. The seat itself has a sort of triangular shape meant for you to sit/straddle, sort of like a bicycle seat but wider. It’s height-adjustable, from 23 to 33 inches high, and there are three buttons on the underside of the seat to trigger the height adjustment.

Wobble Stool
The Wobble Stool has height-adjustment buttons underneath the seat. The base has rubber treads. Photos: Jonathan H. Liu

I found that at 33″ the stool was a bit too high to use comfortably—I was standing on my toes unless I tipped the stool quite a bit and leaned against it, though that could work for a short leaning break. The shape of the seat is hard to get used to—although the cushion on top is nice, the plastic edges underneath it are pretty hard, and so if my legs are coming down at a sharper angle, the edge digs into the backs of my thighs. It’s more comfortable at a lower height, when my legs are extending forward from the seat.

Wobble Stool
Left: a little too high for comfort. Right: A comfortable height for working. Photos: Jonathan H. Liu

I like that the stool rocks a little while I sit in it. Because of the rounded base, it’s hard to sit perfectly still—which is exactly the point. You keep your lower body active and in motion, even if it’s just a little bit, and that helps. The stool swivels smoothly, too.

The whole thing weighs a little over 20 pounds—heavy enough that it’s not going anywhere if you don’t want it to, but not a burden to move. The pneumatic height adjustment is pretty strong, too—my kids are both light enough that when they push the buttons they just shoot up, and need help getting back down. (I should note that the Wobble Stool has been very popular with my kids, who take turns sitting in it every available opportunity.)

I do hope to continue standing most of the time, but I’m keeping the Wobble Stool close by. It’s just what I need for the occasional break.

For more information about the Wobble Stool, visit the Uncaged Ergonomics website.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a Wobble Stool sample unit for review.

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7 thoughts on “Wobble Stool Encourages Active Sitting

  1. I really like the idea behind this stool.. I’ve been using a standing desk for almost a year now and sometimes it would be nice just to have something to lean against every once in a while. This would be perfect.

    1. Yeah, Josh, let’s talk Craig and Dave into buying them on the company dime!

      Alternately, Jonathan, i’ll have to try it out next time i come over, to see if it’s worth $200 to me. 🙂

      1. Mine arrived today Nate! I told Craig about it and he said to give it a shot. Its a bit different for sure. I have to keep my stance fairly wide to keep the plastic from digging into my thighs. Its nice to have something to sit on without having to adjust my desk.

        1. Yes, that’s the issue I ran into: at a regular sitting desk height, I don’t have a problem with the plastic edges, but at higher levels it’s a bit tricky. I’ve also tried having the stool tilted forward quite a bit, where I’m sort of leaning back on it.

  2. I love my stool. They just changed the cushion and it is super comfortable. Thank you for the review!

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