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Weekend Pokémon Round-Up: Championship Stream, Upcoming Distribution and New Handbook

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pokemon roundup

When it Poké-rains it Poké-pours! And as such, I’m back with another proper passel of Pokémon news items.

If you enjoyed last month’s livestream from the Pokémon National Championships in Indianapolis, IN, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can expect similar coverage of the upcoming World Championships. The Pokémon Company International has already launched its 2014 Pokémon World Championships portal to help fans keep track on the action during the August 16-17 event in Washington, DC. Of course you’ll be able to watch the world’s best slug it out on the field of battle directly via the official Pokémon Twitch.TV channel.

Also coming up later this month is another exclusive wireless Internet distribution for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. From August 13 until September 17, Pokémon X owners can receive the former Pokémon Y exclusive, Heracross, while Pokémon Y owners can snag the Pokémon X equivalent, Pinsir. Starting on August 18, players visiting participating GameStops can also receive a code for the appropriate Mega Stone for their newly acquired Heracross or Pinsir.

Lastly, current-gen Pokémaniacs will no doubt want to get their hands on the new Kalos Region Handbook from Scholastic Inc. Boasting 272 pages of gorgeous color pictures, this book also includes relevant information on all the region’s Pokémon, including, height, weight, a moves list and the all-important pronunciation guide. The Pokémon are alphabetized by name and sorted by sub-region – central, coastal and mountain – with a bonus section devoted to the major human players in the current animated series. My only complaint? There’s a dash of inaccurate information. My keen-eyed son zeroed in immediately on the fact that the psychic-type Kadabra is erroneously listed as a hybrid poison-flying, and Salamence is said to be a dragon-fighting instead of dragon-flying. Still, aside from these few small quirks, the Pokémon: Kalos Region Handbook is a fun paperback resource, especially for younger fans, and it’s an absolute steal at the current Amazon price of around eight bucks.

Review materials provided by: Scholastic Inc.

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