Summer Science Fun: Track Fireflies!

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Image By Clemson University

Do you remember catching fireflies on hot summer nights, putting them in a jar as the prettiest present for your mom, and then releasing them again before bed? I do. The image of so, so many little lights all around my yard is a fond memory. For my kids, they have collected and enjoyed fireflies too, but I don’t see as many around.  Are these beautiful insects disappearing?

The Clemson Vanishing Firefly Project wants to answer that question, and has started a firefly census. The goal is “to promote environmental sustainability and stewardship through the participation of local communities in environmental science research.” That means you! Your family can take part in real science that is important to our world. How? There is a mobile app (or an online version) that is easy to use for the census. Check out these videos:

One for kids:

and adults:

There is also a Firefly Facebook page to continue the conversation. Our world needs your help, so do some science with your kids that’s meaningful, fun, and gets you outside on those hot summer nights.

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