FREE OneDay App Makes Great Family Video Collages [Sponsor]


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Want to craft a video with your kids that will make a special gift for mom or dad? Or maybe just capture some family memories that you’ll cherish for a long time?

OneDay is an IOS app that instantly creates movies based off curated stories and questions that parents record their kids answering. Not only does it provide ideas and content for what stories to tell, it does all the editing work instantly.

The app presents sets of very kid-friendly questions, allowing you to ask your kids thought-provoking questions that not only bring out their creativity, but capture their personality at that stage of their childhood.

Each story set (E.g. “When I grow up” or “For Mom”) has 10 questions in it. You record your kids answering each question, the app instantly stitches all the videos together into a high-quality movie with music, and then allows you to share with family and friends via social media, text, or email. There are future plans to allow for custom question sets, and more choices for music.

Best of all, right now it’s free, so download it and give it a try!

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