Two Nissan Leafs in Harrowing Suburban Game of Chicken

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In this video, as you can see, my wife is driving our Leaf at a terrifying speed directly at another Leaf piloted by our intrepid friend, Chris, and his unsuspecting child, Koben. It is only at the last second at which disaster is narrowly averted. Very exciting! This video of ice-veined chicken played between two middle-aged suburbanites driving electric vehicles is sure to be an instant viral hit. So you might want to share it quickly before your friends beat you to it. Twisted metal. Total carnage. The only thing missing is the blaring horn of the General Lee.

Yes, we here at GeekDad are willing to risk our very lives to bring you the best, most harrowing and indescribably hair-raising content. Or at least the lives of our wives and children. Stay tuned for the next installment in this series in which my 8-year-old will jump from a high-up picnic table bench into a kiddie pool that is filled with only 9.5 inches of water! In fact, you might want to put the kids to bed early for this one. It’s sure to terrify.

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