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Since learning to play Munchkin in 2009, my daughter and I have largely stuck to our original Munchkin Bites set, with the exception of mixing in The Guild expansion and one personalized (but totally legit!) Go Up A Level card.

For Munchkin fans who want to stir things up in a hurry, Steve Jackson games has packaged six of their previously-released Munchkin expansions into a pair of 45-card Triple Play sets. Each set of three “mini-expansions” includes two more general-use packs with the standard Munchkin door and treasure cardback art, and one specialized pack for a Munchkin stand-alone variant. (Of course, Munchkin being Munchkin, you’re pretty much free to mix whatever dang cards you feel like and create your own house rules as situations demand.)


Triple Play Set One includes the Christmas-themed Naughty & Nice, Skullkickers – based on the comic – and Fish & Ships, an expansion for Munchkin Booty. Triple Play Set Two consists of Easter Eggs, Penny Arcade, and Star Munchkin – Space Ships.


For owners of Munchkin Apocalypse, there’s also a full-fledged 106-card expansion available, Sheep Impact. As with four of the six packs in the Triple Play sets (the exceptions being the two licensed properties), John Kovalic did the illustrations.


As is the case with most Munchkin sets, there can be a little suggestive or violent humor to a handful of the cards throughout these expansions. (I know more than one parent who plays with a few cards removed when younger kids are at the table.) For the most part, though, you’ll find the same kinds of clever, silly references, enjoyable artwork and groan-inducing puns that are the game’s hallmark.

Disclosure: Steve Jackson Games provided GeekDad with the two Triple Play sets and a copy of Sheep Impact.

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