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Late next march in the Land of Mary, time travelers from the four corners of the vortex will congregate to celebrate their favorite Gallifreyan! That’s right: the East Cost of the USofA is getting it’s own Doctor Who Convention! According to (RE)Generation founder and organizer Oni Hartstein:

There wasn’t any place for us and our friends to go for just Doctor Who in the Mid-Atlantic area. It seemed like a huge void where a con was needed.

They’ve already announced that the 6th (Colin Baker) and 7th (Sylvester McCoy) incarnations of the whimsical Time Lord will be in attendance, with more guests on the horizon! (RE)Generation Who is coming to Cockeysville, Maryland (a few miles North of Baltimore), March 27–29, 2015. The GeekDads will be there.

Oni and her partner James Harknell are no strangers to convention. They’ve been staging the Interventions conference for 5 years (not too late to get tickets for the August event), and are bringing that know-how to Doctor Who. This includes a clever  conference wide gaming event:

At Intervention our Video Game Department head Wes developed a QR game called “ConTag”. It  is a scavenger hunt game, where you get points finding special QR codes on people, places, and things. It’s a fun addition to the event. We’re working with him to adapt it for (Re)Generation Who to add in teams (Timelords vs. Daleks), and also a few extra rules.

Which side will you stand on?

Tickets for the conference are currently a relatively inexpensive $70 for ages 13 and above (children ages 5-12 are $20 each and children under 5 are admitted free with an adult purchase). But wait, there’s more! You can add to your convention experience by adding VIP packages that range in price from $25–125, brining you everything from a t-shirt to the limited access “Tea with The Doctor” meet and greet event.

The VIP levels are similar to the donation system we have at Intervention (only there they’re called “Enablers”). It’s a way that we can provide some really personalized events to attendees that we could not normally offer. For example, a tea party with some of the guests with hundreds of people in the room would be a logistics nightmare. With a small group you can have a personal experience with them – something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We also give some merchandise or other keepsakes with each level, so you have mementos of the event.

Oni recommends that you get your VIP tickets now:

With people buying regs so quickly we may sell out early, especially our meet and greet with the actors called “Tea With The Doctor”, which has a max capacity of 70.

GeekDad will be covering the event on the ground. Will we see you there?

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