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Many games have lots of components to keep track of, and it can be a real pain to sort through them while you’re setting up the game. Sometimes you get nice inserts that helpfully separate the various components, only to find that they’ve all gotten jumbled because somebody tipped the box. (Hello, Small World!) Or other games have no dividers at all, so if you want to keep components separate you’ll need to use a whole lot of little plastic bags. (Agricola, anyone?)

And that doesn’t even address the issue of keeping things easily accessible while you play the game. Most of the time you’ll just have large piles of cardboard and wood scattered around the board. Do you sort them? Stack them?

Game Trayz has come up with a solution: plastic inserts that are custom-made for specific games. The trays come with snap-on lids so that things don’t shift during transit, and are also designed so that you can use them during the game to make things easily accessible.

Terra Mystica GameTrayz
Game Trayz for Terra Mystica in action.

Their first tray set is for Terra Mystica and it’s available for $10.99. The two smaller resource trays let you keep one at each side of the board so they’re more easily accessible. The tray that holds the favors and towns uses a “push and tilt” indentation so that they’re very easy to pull out—it’s a nice detail and shows the level of attention that Game Trayz puts into their designs.

Euphoria Trayz filled
Examples of the Euphoria Game Trayz in use.

I don’t have Terra Mystica, but their next set is for Euphoria from Stonemaier Games, and it’s currently available for pre-order. This set is a bit more at $24.99, but it comes with 4 separate trays, including special cavities for those who sleeve their cards, and additional room for expansions. The Euphoria set should be available in a few more weeks, and Game Trayz will be sending me a set so I can give it a hands-on trial.

Euphoria Game Trayz
The top tray in the Euphoria Game Trayz set.

For more information about Game Trayz or to pre-order the Euphoria set, visit the website.

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