Mummy cases showing bandages

Mummify Your iOS Device With a Mummy Case From Loop Attachment

Mummy cases showing bandages
Mummy cases from the back, showing off that unique bandaged look. Photo by Brad Moon.

Protecting your investment in an iOS device is always a balance between putting your iPad, iPhone or iPod into something that will keep it from coming to physical harm versus usability and aesthetics. A case that will keep an iPad from cracking after being dropped from ten stories can lose its appeal if it doubles the weight of the device and requires a hex wrench to install or remove. A plain black silicon sleeve may offer some protection and ease of removal, but lend a definite “meh” look to your shiny metal and glass toy. Mummy protective cases from Loop Attachment strike a nice balance between protection and usability, while offering a unique “mummy” bandage look that adds visual flair while improving grip.

I tried out three versions: Mummy for iPhone 5/5s, Mummy for iPad Air and Mummy for iPad Mini + Mini Retina.

Impact Resistance
The Mummy covers perform two main functions: they offer a degree of impact resistance for your device and they offer protection from scratches on the back and sides. Made of silicone, they do just that.

There is no coverage for the screen other than a lip that will help out if you happen to drop your device flat on its front. They also won’t survive being run over by a car, but for the average drop off a table scenario your iOS device stands a better chance of survival in one of these cases.

Mummy cases front view
Mummy cases from the front. Photo by Brad Moon

The Mummy also provides scratch protection for those vulnerable metal back surfaces. The Apple logo remains exposed and the iPhone 5/5S version has less coverage (although in this case the straps are designed to let you slip in a credit card instead of carrying a wallet), but overall scratch protection is pretty good. Except for the display — you may also want to invest in one of those InvisibleSHIELDs Z tested a few weeks ago.

Great Grip
The silicone used by Loop Attachment is textured and coated. That makes the material itself grippier than other cases I’ve tried. But it’s the unique Mummy bandage look that really helps out here. Not only does it look cool, but the layered and criss-crossed “bandages” are raised, providing lots of additional surfaces for your fingers to latch onto without adding bulk.

Mummy bandages closeup
A closeup of the grippy, silicon mummy bandages. Photo by Brad Moon.

Better grip means fewer accidental drops.

Smart Cover Compatible
Loop Attachment embeds magnetic attachment points in the back of its Mummy iPad cases so that Smart Covers remain compatible.

I have an Apple Smart Cover for my iPad Mini and I can confirm that the Mummy Case for this device was indeed compatible, meaning the combination of the two provide complete coverage — back and display — and the magnetic closure and instant wake both work. However, the layer of silicone did mean that the Smart Cover wasn’t quite as slick as it is on a naked iPad. It was definitely usable, but the Apple cover accidentally popped off more easily (especially when doing anything like using the easel mode which puts pressure on that hinge anchor) and when it was closed, the cover didn’t lie entirely flat.

Easy Removal
One of things I hate about most protective cases is the process of putting them on and taking them off. Many are tight and require putting pressure on the device or flexing a rigid enclosure to pop the iPad or iPhone free. I flinch every time I use some of these, worried that I’m either going to snap the case or scratch the device in the process. I tend not to stick with a single case so I’m going through this exercise a lot. That’s partially because I’m constantly testing new products, but also because I switch cases by need — I may want a keyboard case for a long weekend, then switch to something less bulky for typical use, for example.

To make a long story short, the Mummy cases are about as easy as it gets for installation and removal. The silicone is pretty elastic (while retaining its shape) and there are no hard surfaces, so there are no nerves of steel or five-minute operations involved.

The downside to this (there’s always a downside) is that the cases fit snugly, but not tightly — and that means dust, crumbs and other detritus can accumulate beneath the edges. You won’t notice it until you remove your device or lift up one of the edges of the Mummy case, but there is likely to be a collection of guck waiting for you when you do.

For casual protection of your iOS device that’s easy to remove, offers excellent grip, comes at an affordable price and has a very cool look (with multiple color options), the Mummy cases from Loop Attachment are well worth considering.

Amazon has the Mummy for iPhone 5/5s for $24.95, while the Mummy for iPad Mini and iPad Air can be had for $29.95 and $34.95 respectively direct from Loop Attachment.

Disclosure: Loop Attachment supplied sample Mummy cases for the purposes of this review.

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