Days of Wonder Announces Five Tribes

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Five Tribes box

Yesterday, Days of Wonder announced their upcoming release, Bruno Cathala’s Five Tribes. Days of Wonder is known for their gorgeously-produced games (like Ticket to Ride and Small World), and they usually add only one or two titles to their catalog at a time. Most of their games have been light- and medium-weight strategy games, but Five Tribes looks like heavier fare.

Five Tribes components
Five Tribes components. Image: Days of Wonder

I haven’t seen the full rules yet, but the game is a worker-placement game in which the workers start off placed and get moved around… maybe a worker-displacement game? Sounds intriguing—and if you like custom meeples, Five Tribes has them in spades.

Five Tribes meeples
Custom meeples! Cameeples? Image: Days of Wonder

As you’d expect from a Days of Wonder game, the artwork is top-notch, too. Here are a couple of images of the Djinn cards and the market cards.

Five Tribes Djinn
Djinn cards. Image: Days of Wonder
Five Tribes Market cards
Market cards. Image: Days of Wonder

Bruno Cathala is also known for such titles as Shadows Over Camelot and Mr. Jack. Five Tribes will have limited availability at Gen Con this year, with a wider release in September. The game is for 2-4 players, ages 13 and up, and takes about 40-80 minutes, with an expected retail price of $60.

For more info, check out the Five Tribes web page.

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