My Tomodachi Life


I was pleased when, last week, I received early access to the Move-In Version of Tomodachi Life, an exclusive demo of Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS life sim. Sadly, this offering was fairly limited, and I’d pretty much blown through the content in the matter of a day or two.

Thankfully, no sooner had a polished off the demo than Nintendo offered me a chance to take part in the Tomodachi Life Welcome Committee, a community event similar to the previous Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mayor Program. This seems appropriate, because Tomodachi Life plays a bit like Animal Crossing, though there are also hints of everything from The Sims to the mixed media cartooning of Monty Python‘s Terry Gilliam.

It is, in short, a full realization of the kinds of character interactions we all liked to pretend were happening on the now classic Mii Channel. Tomodachi Life provides a full, immersive, perpetual environment for your Miis – including everyone from friends and family to far-flung celebrities – wherein they learn and love and interact… and scratch their butts when left alone in their apartments.

Below is a pictorial journey through my first week of Tomodachi Life.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Nintendo of America 

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