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More Skylanders Trap Team Heroes Incoming

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In this third Skylanders Trap Team What We Know video, Family Gamer TV investigates the recently leaked photos of what appears to be an Undead Trap Master. Looking like a cross between Chop Chop, Ignitor and an Egyptian Mummy, we trace his roots all the way back to Skylanders Giants and find out how the character has evolved since then.

There’s also more news on new characters for Skylanders Trap Team with the reveal of the final names for the character designs in the Skylanders Frito Lay competition that’s running in America at the moment.

After the public was asked to send in their ideas for the names of three characters, “High Five,” “Bat Spin,” and “Flip Wreck” were picked. Now it’s up to the public to choose which Skylander they want to see in Skylanders Trap Team.

Finally there is a fresh edit in the video of game-play footage highlighting how the mix and match mechanic works with Snapshot, the Chompy Mage, Chill Bill and the Shrednaught in action. We’ll look at the powers each character showcases and point out a few things you might not have seen yet.

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Packs will be released on 5th October 2014 on Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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