Kickstarter Alert: 3D Print Your Own Gaming Figures With MechMaker

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There are a bunch of geeky guys (many of them dads) over at IMAGIMOD, who came up with a great idea: build an app that’ll let you 3d design your own mechs for use in tabletop gaming, and then get them printed. I love that the software will let you get your designs professionally printed or, even better, print them yourself, so you can have more control over the final look. They’re running a Kickstarter campaign right now to get the app finished and up-and-running. Check it out:

IMAGIMOD is currently completing a beta test of their patent-pending technology platform and is in discussions with a key group of game developers and entertainment IP licensors to integrate 3D printing capabilities. And because there was such a positive response to its prototype, the company decided to release it as its first consumer product, Mech Maker.

Mech Maker will allow users to create, customize and print unique characters for use in tabletop and other games. They can be 3D printed either via the user’s home machine or via one of IMAGIMOD’s fulfillment partners in various materials including full-color plastic, titanium, and even gold! The company launched a Kickstarter campaign on Friday, May 2, 2014 to raise the funding to complete the Mech Maker app for initial iOS release this summer on the AppStore. If they reach a stretch goal they’ll also release it for Android and other platforms.

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With Mech Maker users can customize their own mechs from hundreds of parts, colors, and patterns, then pose and 3D print them for endless tabletop gaming. With thousands of parts, thousands of color and textures, as well as fully flexible posing in 3D, the odds against anyone making the exact same mech are astronomical. So your mech is most likely the only one of its kind in the world. And you don’t just create mechs, you can create your own games too. Users are encouraged to share their best ideas with the Mech Maker community.


IMAGIMOD is also planning to announce Mech Maker components designed by some very well known guest artists. Imagine piecing together your mech with parts by some of your favorite game and movie artists? The company be announcing more about that soon.

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5 thoughts on “Kickstarter Alert: 3D Print Your Own Gaming Figures With MechMaker

  1. Steve,

    Certain backer levels talk about unlocking sets… are these sets to be sold as in-app purchases? How will kids (and parents) unlock sets? I have to admit i don’t like the idea of buying or backing an app that is somehow disabled to begin with and requires more funds to open up additional options. Can you offer up any more information?

    1. Hi James… thanks for your comment. Certain mech components such as, all 5 Crusher McDermott components, all 5 Wraith components, and all 5 Imagimech components, will be added to your account and these are exclusive to Kickstarter backers. The packs are also added to your account, and those hold 7 parts each. If, after you open all your reward packs, you wish to have more parts on top of those mentioned above and the several default parts all users receive, you can purchase additional packs, or buy individual parts outright.

  2. Hi Joshua – thanks for your question. The way we are doing this – because we are using 3D printers, we are going to make it possible for you to request a print in a range of sizes, so bascially, yes!

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