Letting the Internet Choose Your Baby's Name

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Received this very nice note from GeekDad reader Jason Morrison, who is doing something really cool to help he and his wife choose their new child’s name:

Hi, I’m an engineer at Google and a big fan of the Geek Dad book. I thought you might interested in a fun, geeky charity project my family is doing.

We’re expecting a baby May 19th, and we need to pick a name for him. To narrow down our list of names and raise money for Save the Children, we’re asking everyone – friends, family, and the whole Internet – to vote on a name for our baby. For each vote, we (and some of my co-workers at Google) will donate $1 to Save the Children. That means each vote will provide a polio vaccine to a child in need.

This is totally fun, and a very nice way to do some good as well. Go check out his website, and put in your vote as well! I think we need to suggest some even geekier ideas, though. How about “The Doctor,” or “Obi-Wan?”

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1 thought on “Letting the Internet Choose Your Baby's Name

  1. I just read about another family that did this recently: NameMyDaughter.com let people submit names and vote for them. They went with Amelia Savannah Joy, the runner-up name. According to HuffPo, the top vote went to Cthulhu All-Spark.

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