Dark Horse Comics Releases Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1 for $1

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On Wednesday morning, Dark Horse editor Scott Allie tweeted about the release of Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1, on sale in comic shops now for only $1.00.

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove

The canonical story, written by David Gaider (the lead writer on the Dragon Age games) and Alexander Freed with art by Chad Hardin, follows the adventures of King Alistair, Isabela, and Varric (everyone’s favorite surface dwarf) as they venture deep into the assassin-nation of Antiva.

King Alistair revealed.

This issue reprints Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1-#2, previously available only as a Dark Horse Digital Exclusive and in the hardcovers Dragon Age Library Edition and Dragon Age: The Silent Grove Volume 1.

Isabela and King Alistair.

If you’re a fan of Dragon Age who hasn’t yet read this story that fits into the video game’s ongoing storyline, a $1.00 price tag is a great reason to give it a try.

Images courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

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