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Oh the horrible choices that fate tossed my way this weekend. Do I make the annual trip to the Bay Area Maker Faire, or do I stay home and hit the Dallas Comic Con? After seeing the guest list for DCC it became evident that the only chance BAMF had hinged on the acceptance of my DCC press pass. Well, the press pass came through and what would have been my 7th BAMF in a row is no more. Don’t worry Make, I’ll see you in NYC in September.

So if you’re in the area, join me this weekend at the Dallas Convention Center for some serious comic and sci-fi geekery. Guests of honor include Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Most of the rest of the case of Firefly, Alice Cooper, A large part of the Star Trek Next Generation cast including Jonathan Frakes, LeVAR Burton, and Michael Dorn. Check out the full list at the DCC Guests page.

Interview spots were limited, so I had to pick 5. It was tough choosing between who I wanted to talk to and who I was likely to be approved for so I put Stan Lee and Alice Cooper at the top and slipped in a few more interesting, but hopefully more likely choices. I should know more later when I check in at the press booth.

I’d love to meet any GeekDad fans in attendance, so ping me @AntonOlsen and we can try to connect.

Find out more about the event at FanExpoDallas.com.

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  1. Are there any GeekDad bloggers in the Utah/Colorado area (or are willing to travel)? Because coming up in September is going to be the 2nd Salt Lake Comic Con. The first one was a huge success that broke records, and then in May they did a SLComic Con FanX that broke the records they set themselves in September. This one coming up is sure to be amazing and I think it would be really cool to see GeekDad cover it

    Here’s there website, and down at the bottom you can find a section for media coverage of the events:


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