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Put on Your Thinking Cap

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Thinking Cap - Jonathan Liu
Do I look deep in thought? Maybe it’s the hat. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Here’s the perfect headgear when the forecast calls for brainstorms: the Thinking Cap. From Holiday Matinee, a blog for creative inspiration, the cap is embroidered so that everyone can see you’re giving your brain a workout. Yeah, Holiday Matinee as a whole looks a bit too hip for me, and at $22 the Thinking Cap isn’t super cheap. But maybe I could plop this on my daughter’s head when she complains that something is too hard to figure out: “Here. Put on the thinking cap and give it another shot.”

Thinking Cap side
The Thinking Cap from Holiday Matinee. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Holiday Matinee sent me a sample to try on. It’s pretty nice: a 5-panel, adjustable cap in black with stark white lettering. The strap in the back is nylon with a clip, and it’s fairly long so the hat can fit a range of noggins. (The loose tail tucks into the hat so it’s not dangling, but here you can see how long it is.)

Thinking Cap
Adjustable strap on the back, with a clip. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

After I got it, I started wondering if my kids were actually familiar with the phrase “put on your thinking cap.” Do teachers still say that? (Answer: my kids say “no,” but they’d heard the phrase before.)

At any rate, wear this hat and maybe you’ll feel just a little bit brighter. Or at least more hip. (Just be warned: people may expect more from you while wearing this hat.)

To pick up a Thinking Cap for yourself, visit the Holiday Matinee store.

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