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This project started as a web comic. The Dreamland Chronicles are a long running webcomic and graphic novel by Scott Christian Sava. It has been running for seven year so far and is still going strong, with 20 chapters online and six books available in print of PDF. The material is geared for ages seven above with an intentional lack of profanity, gore, or sex. While not prudish, the story is clean and fun, even for older readers.

What the Dreamland Chronicles trading card game intends to do is provide a fun, and safe environment for kids to play online with the Dreamland characters. Game rules are simplified and while there is combat, the battles are sanitized with no actual gore. The game rules are geared for 6 to 12 year old kids, but seem like they could keep an adult interested if you want to play a round or two with your kids.

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Aside from the game aspect, there is also a collecting and trading side of the game. The cards are rendered with an animated 3D character who moves and reacts to your swipes. Communicating with friends, trading cards, and game play are all COPPA compliant and offer a safe and worry free environment that still allows the interaction required to enjoy the game.

Rewards for the Kickstarter are varied, with most giving some near instant, or quick rewards. PDFs of the webcomic are included in most tiers as well as character avatars and wallpaper images. Early access to the beta is available for just $5 with reasonable starter packs in the $25 to $50 range.

I’m down for $25, and may bump that if I think it will help attain the stretch goal for an Android port.

See more about the The Dreamland Chronicles here and check out the Kickstarter here if you’re interested.

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