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After years spent auditioning device cases to find the perfect one for my iPhone 4s, the family and I have at last upgraded to the iPhone 5 series. Which, of course, means I have to do it all again. And don’t think I’m not gonna enjoy it!

This time around I started by revisiting an old favorite: Rokform. I was pleased to discover that the old Rokbed v3 I so adored has been updated to the iPhone 5/5s form factor as the RokShield V.3. Just like the previous model, the RokShield boasts a solid two-piece molded polycarbonate frame, complete with cutaways for the camera, mute switch, charge port, speakers/headphone jack and Rokform’s unique dashboard mounting system (which is included). The case also has the same pass-through for Rokform’s minimalist wrist strap, an option that initially turned me off, but one that I now feel I can’t live without.

The RokShield still features the same removable textured rubber insert that helps prevent drops, and it can easily be swapped out for the Rokform Magnet Grip – a diminutive rare earth magnet set into the hollow of an insert that adds yet another quick mounting option. This time around, however, the case also comes with a matching rubber bumper. In addition to helping secure the case, it also offers even more drop protection for the sides and front of your precious iPhone — with the added bonus of additional texturing.

Though the RokShield only adds a bit of bulk to the overall footprint, those looking for a slimmer solution should check out the SlimRok. This formfitting case has the same two-piece construction, and even its own rubberized anti-slip grip point on the back. The SlimRok looks great and offers that much needed “lip” overhang that allows you to safely set you iPhone on its face without fear of touchscreen damage, and, like the RokShield, comes with its own pack-in screen cover. Still, its scaled down size sadly means you can’t use this case with either Rokform quick-mounting option.

iPhone 5c users also have a Rokform case. While it lacks all the stylish color options of the 5/5s models – it only comes in the basic black – I’ve found you can add an easy splash of color by simply swapping the insert with one of Rokform’s many colorful Magnet or Anti-Slip Grips. The Rokbed 5c also works with the remote mounting system, and even comes with a removable plate cover for those who’d rather eschew the mount in favor of a solid-back case. With its tapered sides that mimic the 5c’s unibody design, this one has great visual appeal, even without the RokShield’s additional rubber bumper.

In summation, I am happy to report that Rokform has done it again. And, while I’ll likely continue to amass cases to feed my own sick, twisted need to accessorize – it’s an addiction, people – I’d readily suggest either of the three as the go-to case for geeks on the go.

Review materials provided by: Rokform

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