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Kinect Sports Rivals Captures the Family

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Kinect on Xbox 360 is a love it or hate it kind of affair. On Xbox One though Kinect Sports Rivals shows that the quibbles are gone, to leave a highly competitive and reliable way to play sports in the family.

What’s more, the Kinect 2.0 powered Avatar scanner will keep kids entertained for hours on its own. It’s simply magical to see your loved ones transformed into digital figures on the Kinect Sports Rivals screen — both body and face. Also a neat trick is that it allows children to scan themselves in as adults to see what they’ll look like when they are older. Equally grown-ups can scan in as children to glimpse the past.

Football, Bowling and Tennis return in updated form while new activities Target Shooting, Climbing and Wake Racing expand the Kinect Sports Rivals cannon. For families this will attract a wider range of players, something that is reflected on a greater focus on competitive play in this version of the game — think FIFA rather than Wii-Sports.

Kinect Sports Rivals Tennis

Kinect Sports Rivals Bowling

Kinect Sports Rivals Wake Racing

Kinect Sports Rivals Soccer

Kinect Sports Rivals Shooting

I’ll leave you with some more of Rare’s journey with the game and how their team contributed to the ground breaking technology:

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