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Board gamers in the Portland-Vancouver area are looking forward to next weekend’s GameStorm gaming convention. From noon on Thursday until 5pm Sunday, the Vancouver Hilton will be filled with tabletop games, LARPs, RPGs, CCGs, panels, console gaming, and more.

GameStorm is a smaller convention, so it doesn’t have the massive exhibit halls filled with vendors, but you do get an opportunity to see some new games. It’s also a great place for game designers to try out their prototypes at the Game Lab, a con-within-a-con that’s all about getting a game from the idea in your head to the box on the shelf. If you like checking out games in progress and offering feedback to designers, you can help playtest games (and win prizes, to boot).

Online registration is already closed, but you can still register on-site during the convention hours. Prices are $60 for a full weekend ($20 for kids 6 to 14), or you can purchase single-day badges at varying prices.

I’ll be there with a pile of games to play, including a lot of prototypes and demo copies of upcoming Kickstarter projects, including Eggs & Empires by Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback, Bullfrogs by Keith Matejka, Hollywood from Hobby World, and probably a few others. Come find me and let’s play a game!

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    1. It was awesome—I stayed up too late, played a lot of games, and talked so much I lost my voice. Stay tuned for a post-con wrap-up, but maybe next week after we’re all back from spring break!

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