Sumo Bean Bag Chairs Celebrate 10th Anniversary

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Kid on a Sumo bean bag chair
Photo: Sumo

I adored bean bag chairs when I was a kid. There was something about flopping down in one, just throwing my entire weight down on it… They were a heck of a lot more fun than your standard couch or chair. But I grew up, got bigger, and bean bags just didn’t seem proper anymore.

Then someone told me about Sumo bean bag chairs and we picked one up. It was massive, it was well-made, and it never settled into a shapeless uncomfortable mass like the cheap ones I had during childhood.

If you’re looking for some new furniture for the gaming lounge or your kids’ rooms, now’s a great time to give Sumo bean bag chairs a try. For their 10 year anniversary, they’re giving a 25% discount on any chair over $199. I’m partial to the big ones like the Gigantor, because I love cuddling up with the family and watching a movie, or playing some video games with the wife, but they have lots of options for everyone.

Check it out over at the Sumo site.

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