Creating a Better Experience for Buyers and Sellers of Kid Stuff With Kidizen


When Pinterest and eBay had a baby, they sold the clothes it outgrew on Kidizen.

For this interview I invited the entire team that created the iOS app Kidizen to share their story, describe how it came about, what the app does, and demonstrate how it works. I pursued this interview after seeing their fearless leader Dug Nichols on stage accepting a large novelty check for winning “Best Mobile App” at MobCon, a twin-cities mobile tech conference. As Nichols gave his demonstration of the Kidizen app I knew every parent in the room was realizing how useful this app could be for all of us.

What is Kidizen? 
yourkidIt is a new marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved kid stuff. It’s currently an iOS app that is a mashup between Pinterest, eBay, and Craigslist. Buy clothing, toys, and accessories for your kids.¬†Create personalized profiles for each of your children complete with clothing sizes and preferences.
Looking to sell off those bags, bins, and boxes full of 18 month, 1T, and 2T clothes like me? Car seats? Baby toys? Yup. This is exactly what I will be using to make space in the storage closet, shed, and garage.
The team has a great story to tell and an app that looks amazing. It has a stellar user-interface and the feature set really nails it for their public launch.
Anybody need some pre-loved girls clothes? They come in two varieties: with or without blueberry stains.
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