Understanding How Things Work From the Inside With ‘Explain 3D’

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Do you remember books like “The Way Things Work” or “How things work”? These books were best-sellers and helped a lot of people understand how things work. They sold millions of copies and taught countless people. Now, Explain 3D brings those kinds of books to your mobile devices, and delivers the future of learning how things work.

Explain 3D is system of interactive educational simulations that can help you to understand how things work. Simulations are built-in an interactive 3D environment that is engaging and helps develop logical thinking. The main parts of the devices in each simulation are described, and you can access more information with a simple tap on the object.


Are there other simulations you’d like to see? No problem. Use the built-in “Suggest Simulation” tool and send your ideas to the developer team, and your simulation could be integrated in a future update to the application. As of right now, 5 of the 20 simulations included in the app were suggested by users.

Technical information:

Explain 3D is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. After installing the application, all simulations will be available in your device (with no in-app purchase). The application has a simple and intuitive interface, and navigation in 3D is smooth and user-friendly.

Currently there are 20 interactive simulations in different topics:

  • Car Workshop – 4-Stroke Engine, Car Clutch, Manual Transmission, Disc Brakes, Ignition System.
  • Discover the Universe – ISS Space Station, Space Shuttle, Solar System.
  • Electricity Around Us – Hydroelectric Dam, Wind Turbine, Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Transport Simulations- Railroad Switch, Submarine, Jet Engine.
  • Our Homes – Lock and Key, Elevator, Toilet, Desk Lamp.
  • Tools – Jackhammer, Hand Pump.

Explain 3D is a new, but very promising tool. It has unique, innovative content, and every user can participate and suggest ideas for new simulations to the Explain 3D team and make it better application. You can learn more at their website. [Note: this post was sponsored by Explain 3D.]

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