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Calamityware Dinner Plates

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Calamityware by Don Moyer

Is it time to replace your fine china? You might think so after seeing Don Moyer’s Calamityware. Moyer was inspired by a traditional blue dinner plate, and started making drawings in the same style but with things like dinosaurs, UFOs, and flying monkeys. (You can see a collection of his drawings on Flickr.)

Thanks to the magic of Kickstarter, Calamityware made the leap from concept to reality. Moyer’s first design, the flying monkeys, was funded in November and is now in production at the Bryan China Company in Pennsylvania. The second design, featuring a giant robot, is on Kickstarter now. I love the juxtaposition of the classic style with the quirky, geeky references, and I particularly like the fact that the plates are being made in the traditional way instead of just cheap plastic plates. These would be great for serving snacks at a game night or to inject a bit of subtle geekery into a fancy dinner party.

Calamityware details
Details from the flying monkey plate.

In case you missed the first project, you can still order the flying monkey plate here, but if you want the giant robot it’s slightly cheaper to pledge for it now (at $25 for a plate). I’m looking forward to seeing what design comes next.

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