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More Adventure Time, Regular Show on Blu-ray and DVD

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Cartoon Network knows what you want, and what you want is weird cartoons featuring talking animals. Apparently.

Just this week they made the third season of surreal fantasy romp Adventure Time available on two DVDs and as a single disc Blu-ray release. The collection features all 26 episodes, including the Ice King heavy “Hitman” and “Wizard Battle,” revealing Christmas-themed two-parter “Holly Jolly Secrets” and the family drama of “Dad’s Dungeon.” It also includes “Thank You,” a personal favorite, wherein an unlikely friendship is forged between a Firewolf pup and a kindly Snow Golem.

While I sometimes complain about the dearth of bonus features on Cartoon Network home media releases, Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season certainly doesn’t skimp on the extras. With commentary tracks for every episode, a behind-the-scenes short with Pen Ward and the show’s creative team and even the alternate LEGO-style opening sequence, it’s got a lot going for it.

BMO fans will be especially interested in a simple but fun pack-in. The craftier among you can easily cut out and tape the included paper arms and legs to the Blu-ray/DVD slipcase, transforming it into a BMO collectable of your very own! (And CN is very interested to see what kind of adventures you and your BMO share.)

show your bmo

February also saw the release of Regular Show: Mordecai & Margaret Pack, a single-disc DVD collection all about relationships – and not just the Mordecai/Margaret dynamic. Sure, you’ll see the ups and downs of their pseudo-courtship (“Meteor Move,” “Do or Diaper,” “Bad Kiss”), but you’ll also get some great time with Muscle Man and Starla (“Muscle Woman,” “Fancy Restaurant”).

Sixteen episodes strong, it’s a nice collection of assorted shows from across the second, third and fourth seasons – including soul-crushing season four closer “Steak Me Amadeus.” Its supplementary material is slim, but, while the “Steak Me Amadeus” commercial is rather inadequate, the fine selection of included eps makes it worth the sub-$20 price point.

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