Watch This: Supergirl Fan Film Has Promise


Looks like it could be part of a CW pilot, though citing a post-New 52 Jay Garrick means it’s not part of the new Flash/Arrow TV continuity. And I’m not sure why the CIA agent has an English accent, but whatever. A Supergirl TV show could be just the thing. What do you think? Check out the project’s Facebook page for more info.

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4 thoughts on “Watch This: Supergirl Fan Film Has Promise

  1. Aawwww…. Want it to be good, but it needs some work. I can dismiss the accents. Explain them better. She’s more Wonder Girl / Wonder Woman here than Supergirl. Some heat vision hot feet on those men in black would be the trick.

  2. “What’s our budget?”
    “We can use this fire exit, but we have to be out in ten minutes, because they’re spraying for ants.”
    “What about SFX?”
    “Hey, relax. I can add awesome CGI with After Effects.”
    “Like what?”
    “You know…lights and stuff.”
    “How many lights?”
    “I only have the trial version!”
    “Why is the light in front of her head and behind it at the same time?”
    “All the big directors are doing that now.”

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